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Woogoo-licious 4 is nearly here..

The Labyrinth Maze 2 is now being constructed by Trevor Rubycoin, it will have more mazes, more riddles, more traps, more tricks, and of course more fun!

The Date for woogoo-licious 4 has not been announced yet, in the meantime Trevor is working hard to make this maze better than the last one. 

If you have not yet gone through the first Labyrinth Maze we encourage you to do so to have an experience a "feel" of what will the upcoming one will be! 

Team Oblivion 2015 Season is coming soon..

Team Oblivion PvP 2015 season will be ongoing soon after some adjustments to the teams roster and gear. We will have a much more unique season this year...so we can all hope for the best for what will come.

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