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Official Team Oblivion's Website.

Team Oblivion is a PvP team in the game Wizard101. We consist of Magus, Legendary and Exalted 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4. Our Team was created on May 1st 2012

The Members

Trevor Rubycoin

Team Oblivion Member and Captain

Bio:   Trevor Rubycoin joined Wizard101 in 2009. He has a winning attitude and a positive perspective in and out of the Arena, some traits that a leader requires.  He is a fighter, always leading and motivating the team to fight until the end during PvP matches. Outside the Arena, Trevor loves to help his friends, construct his famous Mazes, and decorate his many castles.

Favorite Spell: Mystic Colossus

Favorite Food: All Mexican Kinds

                                                                                                            Hobbies: Sports

Trevor Rubycoin's Wizards:     Trevor Rubycoin - Myth, Trevor Battleblade - Balance, Trevor Firesword - Fire,

 Trevor Angle - Ice, Trevor Skullblade - Death, Trevor Heart - Life

Morgan Unicorntamer

Team Oblivion Healer & Supporter

Bio:  Morgan Unicorntamer joined Wizard101 in 2010. 

Morgan is very humble, kind, and very courageous. She loves to play the supportive role in anyway she could. She's a mentally strong wizard, always prepared whenever danger comes in her way. 

Morgan enjoys questing, pvping with friends, collect mounts and decorate her many many houses.

Favorite Spell: Fire Dragon (Calls him Norbert) 

Favorite Foods: Steak, Tacos, and Apple Pie

Hobbies: Help friends

Morgan Unicorntamer's Wizards:   Morgan Unicortamer - Life, Balance, and Fire,  Morgan Windwalker - Storm,

 Morgan Heart - Balance

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